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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kardinal Stick?2021-07-19T22:07:37+07:00

Kardinal Stick is a next-generation e-cigarette pod system device that is easy to use and designed for adult smokers seeking an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

What makes Kardinal Stick unique?2021-07-19T22:22:54+07:00

To serve existing adult smokers, Kardinal Stick delivers high-quality nicotine salts formula with smart temperature regulation technology to heat the material to an optimum level of vaporization for efficient and satisfying nicotine delivery. Kardinal Stick also mirrors the simplicity that smokers are accustomed to, making the transition from smoking cigarettes almost seamless.

How do I get started with Kardinal Stick?2021-07-19T22:32:20+07:00

Make sure the device is fully charged before use. Remove the colored cap (top and bottom) from the KSpod and insert it into the Kardinal Stick device and gently inhale.


White Light

  • when you insert the pod (it will also vibrate which is a sign that it is inserted correctly)
  • Every draw from the device
  • Flashing white light when charging
  • Solid light when charging means it is ready to use (kindly unplug the device carefully)

Red Light

  • Low Battery

It is advisable to use the device that is not charging.

How do I turn on my Kardinal Stick?2021-07-19T22:33:26+07:00

No buttons or switches are required to turn on your Kardinal Stick device. Simply draw on the mouthpiece.

Do I have to clean my Kardinal Stick?2021-07-19T22:33:49+07:00

Kardinal Stick devices are easy to maintain. If condensation occurs, clean the charge contacts and inside the device with a cotton bud.

What is the best way to store a Kardinal Stick?2021-07-19T22:34:19+07:00

Don’t store a Kardinal Stick device for more than two weeks with an empty charge. It’s best to charge the device entirely and remove the KSpod before storage. As with all products containing nicotine, store the device out of reach of children and pets. Do not store the products under direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Can I take a Kardinal Stick on an airplane?2021-07-19T22:35:02+07:00

The Kardinal Stick is safe for travel, but use of vaporizers on airplanes are generally prohibited. Exposure to extreme altitude changes may cause small amounts of leakage in KSpods, especially if they’re partially used. You can still use a KSpod if some liquid escapes, but carefully wipe it off with a clean cloth or tissue before inserting it into your device.

How to charge my KS Kurve Device?2021-07-19T22:35:50+07:00

To charge your Kardinal Stick device, plug in the USB Type-C charging cable into the device charging port.

Your Kardinal Stick device is charging when the LED lights pulse white. You’ll know your device is charged when the lights stop pulsing and is solid white. You can still charge a Kardinal Stick device with a KSpod inserted into the device, but it is not necessary.

How long does a charge last?2021-07-19T22:36:21+07:00

Depending on your use, a full charge will last about more than a day or as long as one KSpod.

How long should I charge my KS Kurve device?2021-07-22T19:26:59+07:00

KS Kurve battery has 450 mAh capacity with full speed of charging within 18 minutes to 25 minutes (Fully charged) and adapts to various mobile phone chargers.

  • Super Fast Charge with Quick Charge 3.0 Charging Technology – Charging efficiency increased by 62%
  • Overcharge and Overheat Protection
  • Perfect Fit USB Type C
Can I overcharge the battery?2021-07-19T22:38:21+07:00

Kardinal Stick’s smart-charge technology is designed to reduce overcharging.

What does the device vibration mean?2021-07-19T22:40:27+07:00

KS Kurve has a vibration feature that indicates the following:

  • Pod Insertion
  • Health Over-Puffing Reminder: 12 puffs within 5 minutes (Make sure you do not overpuff, this is also to maintain the best taste)
How do I dispose of my Kardinal Stick device?2021-07-19T22:40:53+07:00

Kardinal Stick device should be treated as a consumer electronic device. Follow your city’s local recommendations for disposing of a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.

How will I know when my KSpod is empty?2021-07-19T22:41:18+07:00

The KSpod is translucent and you can easily see if there is still an e-liquid left.


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